Paid medical and non-medical services (work) are provided by Public Health Institution "Lipetsk Regional Children’s Hospital" in the following directions:

  • Outpatient and polyclinic care:
  • Consultation of a specialist doctor;
  • Consultation of a specialist with a degree of candidate of medical services;
  • Consultation of the Head of Department;
  • Consultation of the main freelance specialist of the Lipetsk region.
  • Paraclinic:
  • Department of radiation diagnostics:
  • The X-ray room;
  • X-ray Computer Tomography Room;
  • Ultrasound diagnostic room;
  • Functional Diagnostic Unit
  • Endoscopic Department;
  • Clinical diagnostic laboratory;
  • Immunology laboratory;
  • Bacteriological Laboratory;
  • Allergy Procedure Room;
  • Treatment Room;
  • Physiotherapy Department.

Inpatient care:

  • Administration of inpatient care in departments of the State Health Institution «Lipetsk State Children’s Hospital»
  • Operations in the Department of Otorhinolaryngology
  • Trauma and orthopaedic Department:

           - positioning the immobilization dressing (made from synthetic material «Turbocast»);

          - removal of immobilization dressing made from synthetic material «Turbocast»

           - closed fracture fixation with internal fixation (by wires under control of intraoperative x-ray)

  • Operations in the Neurosurgery Department
  • Operation in the surgical department (Planning)
  • Comprehensive programmes:
  • Comprehensive (medical) program «Healthy baby»;
  • Комплексная программа «Здоровый ребенок».
  • Hospital for in-patients
  • For one of the parents, other family member or other legal representative, when hospitalized in a hospital with a child
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Государственное учреждение здравоохранения «Областная детская больница».